impCast EP1: Adaptations

Welcome one, welcome all to Impromptucast, which, as the name suggests, is an impromptu podcast. Considering how impromptu this podcast actually was the fact you’ve got a focused subject is lucky indeed – don’t expect it all the time!

In this episode I’m joined by Helen and James from He Said She Said, as we take on the wildly interesting and continuously controversial subject of adaptations. This made sense really as Helen and James are, if you didn’t already know, film buffs/reviewers/enthusiasts etc and I actually spent quite a considerable time studying films, literature and in particular adaptations.

So sit back and enjoy the hour and a half (ish) of impromptu podcasting goodness.

Some of the language in the podcast is a little bit “strong” and may offend those who like to mind their Ps and Qs. Assume that some level of parental guidance won’t go a miss.

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